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Inspect cables and pullies:

All cables and pullies should be inspected by a qualified technician and replaced as the manufacture’s recommendations.

Waring signs of cable deterioration can be.

  • Frayed wire strands
  • Broken wire strands at fittings
  • Deformed outer cover
  • Peeling/cracking of outer cover
  • Twisting of cable

Common pulley faults.

  • Cracked casings
  • Worn/seized bearings
  • Damaged/rough inner pully surface

How to measure your cable:

If you have no means to measure your cable or prefer us to measure your cable, cables can be posted into Custom Cables. CONTACT>

For online cables follow the following instructions in the online shop option, taking care to measure as below diagram 1.

Before removing your existing cable, it is highly recommended that you photograph or draw a diagram of how the cable is routed in the machine.

Diagram 1.

Things to be aware of:

  • There are a number of cable diameters its important to select the right diameter, most cables are a 4mm, 5mm or 6mm outer.
  • End bolts come in an array of threads types and diameters if unsure of bolt type a local hardware or bolt supplier can help to match the tread type, or alternative it can be posted into Custom Cables. CONTACT>
  • Ball shank diameter ends need to be measured before ordering usually an 8mm or 12mm will fit most applications.
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